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Why You Should Consider Manuka Honey Shampoo in Your Amenities

Why You Should Consider Manuka Honey Shampoo in Your Amenities

Published by Accent Amenities on 14th Jun 2019

Manuka honey is produced by bees that take pollen from the manuka bush. Native to New Zealand and Australia, the manuka shrub is said to produce bark, leaves, and pollen with medicinal qualities. The native Maori of New Zealand used the leaves, bark, and sap to treat ailments such as head colds, burns, and aching muscles. Manuka honey is harvested from bees that visit the manuka bushes and is used in cosmetics, alternative medicines, and as a sweetener. While there are still studies being done, honey is known to have antibacterial qualities, manuka honey especially. It’s one of nature’s sweetest gifts! Here’s why you should consider offering manuka honey shampoo, conditioner, and soap in your guest amenities.

Manuka Honey Shampoo, Conditioner, and Soap

Manuka honey has even more nutrients than regular honey. Calcium, amino acids, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, and a variety of B vitamins have been found in manuka honey, nutrients that have amazing effects on hair and skin. Manuka honey shampoo and conditioner help nourish and hydrate hair while fighting bacteria on the scalp that causes eczema and dandruff. Hair products using manuka honey are also known to replenish and restore dry, damaged, chemically-treated hair. Soap using manuka honey will make the skin smooth and soft, and its antimicrobial properties will provide defense against bacteria. Manuka honey skin products have even been known to have anti-inflammatory characteristics that can help heal acne and reduce redness. From hair products to cosmetics and lotions to soaps to eating it raw, manuka honey can be seen everywhere in our daily life making us healthier. Its benefits are undeniable!

Accent Amenities | Manuka Collection

By providing amenities with manuka honey as an ingredient, you will show your guests that you care about their experience. Our collection features manuka honey shampoo, conditioner, facial and body soap bars, body wash, and lotion which will provide your guests with the same quality bath essentials that they are used to at home! Imagine their surprise to see manuka honey in their hotel soaps and shampoos. It’s just what they needed!