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Accent Amenities is a leader in providing luxury, in-room guest amenities and toiletries to premium hotels, resorts, inns and bed and breakfasts throughout the United States and Canada. 




The Accent Sample Box includes a shampoo, lotion, and soap from each collection, along with other sundry items, totaling 50 individual items. This is a great way to sample each bottle and soap style and the formulation of each. 




Room Ready Kits feature a shampoo, conditioner, lotion, two soaps, a shower cap, and makeup remover wipe. Room Ready Kits are available for each of our collections. These kits are packaged in either a clear cello bag with a twist tie or a fabric organza bag with a drawstring closure. As the name implies, these kits offer the convenience of being ready to be placed out for guests. Room Ready Kits are also ideal for weddings, special events, and hospitals, or to have available for sale at a front desk or gift shop. 



While Accent Amenities offers low minimum order requirements, typically case packs of 100, our Starter Kits are perfect for one- or two-room vacation rentals or for the simple convenience of not having to purchase 100 of each item.

Our Starter Kits are delivered as one box containing 50 each of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, 100 guest soaps, and 100 makeup remover wipes.