Accent Sample Box

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Our best selling sample kit! The accent sample box contains 4 individual items from each collection plus some extra goodies! 40+ items total. SHIPS FREE! View full description


The Accent sample box contains one shampoo, one conditioner, one lotion, and one soap from each collection, along with a Makeup Remover Wipe, shower cap, sewing kit, Comforts of Home item, and several additional soaps. 
*Substitutions will be made for out of stock items.


This item may ship UPS or US Postal Service. If you cannot receive a package from the US Postal Service, please make note in the order comments.


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40+ individual items
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64 Reviews

  • Posted by Amy Skinner on 15th Nov 2022


    Very impressed with the selection of products

    I liked how fast you send the order out to the address.

  • Posted by Denise Pickett on 6th Oct 2022


    Accent Sample Box

    Very, very pleased with the ACCENT SAMPLE BOX! Looking to find products for those financial disadvantaged families with children in our area. These products meet and exceed what we are looking for. Have no problem with donors raising money for this project! Thank you Accent Amenities!

  • Posted by Robbie Johnson on 26th Aug 2021


    Accent Sample Box

    This box is a great idea. We were glad to have the opportunity to see and smell the different products before picking one for our vacation rentals. There is a nice selection to choose from.

  • Posted by Kathleen Stangret on 24th Aug 2021


    Buy this BEFORE selecting

    This was the BEST. I needed toiletries for my higher end ABnB , and wanted a put together, branded look, and luxury feel, spa grade product. The one I thought I would like, I hated. I did, however, discover the PERFECT choice for my property. The sample box alone contains enough product to assemble at least a half a dozen room ready bags. This was the perfect way to make an informed selection. Superb value, too, if you just need a big selection.

  • Posted by Angela on 7th Jul 2021



    So happy Accent Amenities offers this sample pack! I was able to get a collaborative opinion on a favorite, and will be ordering a starter kit of such when our construction is completed!

  • Posted by David Merriman on 6th Jul 2021


    Accent Sample Box

    Good for Accent for even having this. What a great help as we decide on our amenities for our BNB. Great selection and it was quickly delivered.

  • Posted by Jodi McAdoo on 2nd Jun 2021


    Sample box

    Enjoyed sampling all of the products before deciding on what we would use in our beach rental.

  • Posted by Lavish on 13th May 2021


    Appearance of packaging is good and the fragrance is nice and understated.

    Pleased with opportunity to sample choices of your products.

  • Posted by Bob on 7th May 2021


    Esa products

    This is the only product of all the ones that o have used and so far so good!