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Airbnb Toiletries Can Make or Break Your Rental

Airbnb Toiletries Can Make or Break Your Rental

Published by Accent Amenities on 14th Jun 2019

You offer a lot in your Airbnb rental. Free towels, spices, coffee, paper towels and toilet paper, and a bike for your guest to get around town. These extra amenities can get you rave reviews, will encourage guests to tell their friends, and enhance the overall stay, which you want as a good Airbnb host! After all, an Airbnb is your own home, even if it’s just a rental. And there is a certain amount of pride that goes along with renting it out. One thing hosts might overlook though is Airbnb toiletries. They are an easy addition to your short-term vacation rental and have the potential to make or break your guest’s experience.

Airbnb Toiletries

So what should you add to the bathroom in your Airbnb? You have to have the essentials like shampoo, conditioner, bar soap or body wash, and body lotion. Extra luxuries could include a new loofah, slippers, a hairdryer, makeup remover wipes, q-tips and cotton balls, and even a first aid kit. Think about all the scenarios when these amenities will come in handy for the guest. Walking around your home barefoot may warrant welcome slippers. A hairdryer will come in handy if the guest forgot to pack theirs, but it’s also just a nice amenity to add to your Airbnb listing. Cotton balls may be an extra thought, but perhaps the guest has to remove nail polish and imagine their surprise when they open the medicine cabinet! Makeup remover wipes will be a nice surprise for guests and will save your towels from makeup stains.

A first aid kit stocked with band-aids, gauze, and antiseptic wipes should be available in every rental and is encouraged by Airbnb. In fact, the company distributed 10,000 free kits back in 2014. They will also supply free safety cards and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for your Airbnb listing if you request them.

Some hosts provide shower and bath amenities in normal-sized bottles or soap dispensers, sometimes even offering their own products, but have noticed in their reviews that Airbnb guests prefer the travel-size amenities they’re used to seeing in hotels and bed & breakfasts. Plus, having everything they could possibly need leads to stellar reviews. For hosts worried about the environmental impact of single-use amenities, there is a recycling program available that also helps the homeless.

Accent Amenities

Accent Amenities can help you offer the best Airbnb toiletries. You can choose from our many collections to match your Airbnb’s theme, if it has one. For instance, if your rental is more eco-friendly, consider the nurture collection. The bars of soap, shower caps, and sewing kits are wrapped in brown paper, and the ink is soy-based. Plus, the collection is a great price. Providing shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and bar soap would be as low as $1.29 a night per guest!! It’s all about the little things you offer in your Airbnb that can make for a positive guest experience and a lasting impression.