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Beautiful Bathroom Plant Ideas

Beautiful Bathroom Plant Ideas

Published by Accent Amenities on 7th Jan 2020

It’s a new year and if you’re an Airbnb or vacation rental owner, you might be cleaning out and clearing out. It’s a wonderful time of year to clean up your décor and freshen up all of the nooks and crannies. Plants are a wonderful addition this time of year. Whether you choose live plants or beautiful faux plants, a pop of green in the bathroom is the perfect way to hit the refresh button in one simple step.

Here are five of our favorite plant selections for the bathroom.


Nothing says luxury spa quite like a blooming orchid. Orchids can be finicky, especially if you’re trying to get flowers. But if you have a window with indirect light, many will be quite happy. This humidity-loving plant has rainforest origins, so the bathroom is a perfect place to let it live and thrive. Buy a few, and switch them out depending on what is blooming and most beautiful.

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Many varieties of ferns will do well in the bathroom, as long as you have a windowsill or other ledge with good indirect light. Ferns love humidity, which makes the bathroom the perfect choice. This easy-going plant has a tropical, rain forest feel and does well hanging in a sunlit corner.

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Aloe or other succulents

Aloe is an obvious choice for the bathroom because of the healing properties of its juice. If your guests experience a cut or sunburn while on vacation, they can simply break open a leaf and feel the cooling, soothing benefits of natural aloe. Aloe is also very difficult to kill. It is a succulent, which means it needs very little water and tending to. In fact, the humidity of the bathroom might be just enough to keep your plant happy.

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Bamboo is a beautiful stalk-like plant that you can keep in a rock or pebble based vase. Keep the roots covered in water and the beautiful, vibrant leaves will grow and add a tall pop of color to your bathroom. Just be sure to change the water every few weeks. Because of its roots in eastern culture, bamboo has a peaceful meditative effect in the bathroom.

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Vertical gardens

This trend is not for the novice plant tender, but when kept properly, the effects can be incredible! This vertical garden planter from Amazon is a great start. Just pop in some soil and your favorite easy-to-care for varieties and watch them grow! You could also install a vertical garden outside adjacent to a bathroom window and your guest will see similar effects.

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When deciding whether or not to place a plant in your guest bathrooms, be sure to think about the need for water and light and also, frequent dusting. There’s nothing worse than a dusty plant, live or faux.

Do you keep plants in your guest bathrooms? We’d also love to hear from you on Facebook or Instagram. Happy planting!