Best Collections of Little Hotel Shampoo Bottles

Best Collections of Little Hotel Shampoo Bottles

Published by Accent Amenities on 7th Jan 2020

Ahh, vacation. A time to get away from it all, order room service, sleep in, and steal those little hotel shampoo bottles. Er, did we just say that out loud? Let’s face it though, the conveniently travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, body washes, soaps, and lotions are so nice to have in your bathroom bag when you travel. What’s even better is when the amenities are quality products you actually want to use. So who makes those little hotel shampoo bottles anyways? Here is a list of quality bath product brands that we carry here at Accent Amenities.

Collections of Little Hotel Shampoo Bottles


eco products feature a delicious lemongrass scent and minimal, biodegradable packaging. Their soaps are vegetable-based and tell a genuine earth-friendly story.


MUSE toiletries feature a sandalwood scent to provide fragrant aromatherapy. Their packaging consists of color-coded labels, discerning shampoo from conditioner from lotion.


Lavish products all have a baobab fruit oil component. Their squeezable tubes make application easy, and their packaging is simple and elegant.


nurture toiletries all feature argan oil, providing a nourishing moisturizer. This collection is highlighted by environmentally-safe practices including using minimal preservatives and soy-based ink on their packaging.


The esa brand is an eco-friendly option, with simple, environmentally-friendly packaging and natural ingredients. The esa collection is our best seller at Accent Amenities.


TRUE toiletries are known best for their lack of fragrance, artificial coloring, and parabens. With simple, honest packaging, don’t be surprised if these hotel shampoo bottles always leave with the guests.


Looking for a collection that transports guest to a Nordic spa? Look no further than Hydro Spa toiletries.


The Spa Scents hotel amenity collection is inspired by white tea and its healing and calming properties.


AMBR SPA products are based on the health components and long history of green tea. With bold packaging, these hotel shampoo bottles might very well find homes in guests’ bathroom bags when they check out.

Guests love the little hotel shampoo bottles provided as a service amenity in hotels, Airbnbs, and bed and breakfasts. If the products are made with quality ingredients and feature appealing packaging, there’s a good chance that guests look forward to the bathroom toiletries most when they go on vacation. And don’t think of it as guests stealing; it’s a form of recycling!