Did You Know We Offer Private Label Lip Balm?

Did You Know We Offer Private Label Lip Balm?

Published by Accent Amenities on 7th Jan 2020

There are a variety of innovative ways to market your hotel to your guests all the while making sure that they're being taken care of adequately. So much so, that we sometimes forget that self-marketing doesn't have to be so complicated — it can be as simple as investing in private label lip balm.

Heeding things back to more simple solutions can go a long way when marketing your company. Your guests are usually traveling on a trip that takes them away from their family and has them searching for a place that makes them feel like home.

Going the extra mile to present your guests with private label lip balm can provide reassurance that you're a place that cares about their overall health when they're on the road. So, that when the next time they travel to your area, they remember that you're not only there for them but you're also there to give guests something that they can take home. It also doesn't hurt that private label lip balm is also something that helps get the word out on your business.

We're all familiar with how hard traveling can be on the body, particularly on the lips. According to a Reader’s Digest article, cabin pressure within an airplane causes the air to hold a low humidity index while leading to a highly arid climate flying at an even higher oxygen-stricken altitude. This combination can be a recipe for chaos and travelers typically forget to carry their lip balm, an essential self-care tool when flying through the air. That means that your private label lip balm may be the perfect remedy to provide your chapped lipped guests with after a long day sitting in an airplane at 36,000-feet.

Let us customize your own private label lip balm, and you get to choose the exact quantity and flavor you need that helps promote your business while caring for your traveling guests. After providing us with a logo and message, we'll apply the design to your private label lip balms and have them shipped to your front door.

Still interested in 'private label' but looking to apply it to your hotel's toiletries? Accent Amenities also offers private label toiletries. With our salon grade liquids, crafted vegetable-based soaps, and sundry items that can be personalized to match your business's logo, your guests can enjoy an exceptional welcome with the personalized touch your products offer.