Everything You Need to Know About Our Lavish Collection

Everything You Need to Know About Our Lavish Collection

Published by Accent Amenities on 7th Jan 2020

It’s no secret that we’re leading the way when it comes to providing exceptional hotel amenities to our clients all across the globe. By offering numerous collections of unique toiletries designed to heighten the experience of your guests, we believe these products can best be utilized when clients are educated on the products they’re providing. When it comes to Lavish by Eco Sciences, it’s no different.

Lavish offers a complete line of high-quality bath products featuring a divine infusion with a baobab fruit oil formulation. Directly stemming from the ‘Tree of Life,’ Lavish infuses green tea with the fruits of the baobab tree, considered a symbol of life in places like Africa. With an illustrious amount of different health benefits linked to the baobab trees fruitage, Lavish may be the difference when it comes to earning a five-star review from your guests.

For instance, traveling can be really, really hard on the skin. We all want to feel our best, particularly if we’re traveling on an important business trip — even when we’re just heading out on vacation where the abrupt change in climate that flying provides on our bodies can be all sorts of disruptive for your skin. Baobab fruits signature benefit when it comes to infusing them within our Lavish bath gel or Lavish body lotion is the tremendous amount of Vitamin C and antioxidants found within this super fruit. These are the exact line of hotel toiletries that not only combats pesky dry skin but also leaves your guests walking out of their hotel rooms with an everlasting glow of radiance as they take on the day.

Lavish hotel toiletries are deeply rooted in providing guests with everything that is essential to making their experience something they’ll remember. Room ready and featured in squeeze tube bottles with flip-top caps, these rich collections of different liquids can be purchased either separately or together. Whether you want to purchase a 100-pack of Lavish shampoos or Lavish conditioners, or you want to snag multiple Lavish Room Ready Kits designed to cover all the stops, there’s plenty of varying options to go around.

Lavish by Eco Sciences aim is to resonate with your hotel guests experience long after it’s come to a close. That’s a simple achievement when you’re providing guests with hotel toiletries directly infused with fruit directly from the ‘Tree of Life.’