The Next-Level Room Supplies That Keep Your Guests Coming Back for More

The Next-Level Room Supplies That Keep Your Guests Coming Back for More

Published by Accent Amenities on 7th Jan 2020

At Accent Amenities, we know what your guests want. From shampoo collections to room-ready kits, we keep your Airbnb, vacation rental, or hotel room stocked with the finest supplies on the market. Selling products in bulk keeps our customers prepared. And when you’re prepared to deliver your guests with the high-quality amenities they never knew they needed, it brings the experience to a whole new level. From 100 Count packs of Manuka Honey Shampoo to other high-quality hotel toiletries that place your guests in the lap of luxury, there’s nowhere else they’d rather stay.

But quality room supplies aren’t just about shampoos and toiletries. It’s the details in the room that truly make the difference. From slippers and loofah pads to hotel trays and door signs, we offer it all at Accent Amenities.

Next-Level Room Supplies Start with Guest Slippers

Do you know what it feels like to slide your tired feet into a fresh pair of room ready slippers? That feeling sticks with you long after you’ve finished your stay. And it may be the difference between your guests coming back for more or not. Have no fear. Our guest slippers come in packs of ten and feature a multitude of styles to fit the overall vibe of your space.

Easy and Efficient Cleaning

Quality soaps make a real difference in the experience of your guests. When getting off the road, they want to freshen up after a long day of traveling. And by offering your guests practical loofah pads for all things cleaning, using that soap won’t ever be a challenge. You can order these individually packed sponges in cases of 100 to offer guests a great extra touch.

Presentation is Key

Don’t forget. You need a place to set out your amenities upon your guests’ arrival. Sprawling bathroom soaps across your bed is less than ideal. That’s why we offer amenity trays that create the proper balance between functional storage and beautiful aesthetics. Choose from white, black, and clear acrylic so that your trays match the theme of your space.

Add a Personal Touch

How do you want your guests to feel the moment they arrive? If your answer is “welcomed,” door signs are a great place to start. It both welcomes your guests and allows them to leave you a message to avoid being disturbed. Printed in three different languages (English, Spanish, and French), one side reads, “Please Clean Room,” while the other says, “Privacy Please.”

Contact Accent Amenities today, and we’ll elevate your Airbnb experience, vacation rental, or hotel room today.