What It Means to Have Guest-Ready Rooms

What It Means to Have Guest-Ready Rooms

Published by Accent Amenities on 7th Jan 2020

Think back to your past vacations and business trips. If you’ve walked into a room that wasn’t guest-ready, you probably knew it. As soon as your feet crossed the threshold, you saw the untucked linen. Or the dusty baseboard. Or couldn’t find the body soap. In busy resorts with dozens of rooms, a missed bar of soap seems small. But these missteps have big consequences when it comes to your guests.

Unfortunately, guests who have a negative experience are more likely to leave a review than those who had a positive experience. And according to SiteMinder, each subpar review could cost your hotel as many as 30 potential bookings. Room-readiness is one small and vital piece of ensuring your guests have a memorable experience for all the right reasons

Keep up with maintenance schedules

An exceptional guest experience begins before the guests arrive. This step means ensuring everything is functional. A broken air conditioner, disconnected TV, or slow-draining shower quickly derail the guest experience. Allowing things to fall into disrepair communicates to guests that you either don’t care or didn’t plan. Of course, you should always expect the unexpected. Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule for each of your rooms can prevent catastrophes.

Use a cleaning checklist

Engineers, surgeons, and the military all use checklists in their daily operations. So why wouldn’t your cleaning staff? According to a recent article on productivity by Trello, lists are a simple and effective tool. They train our brains to be more goal-oriented and boost productivity. Plus, they ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Since 10% of complaints mention cleanliness, this is one way to improve your guest experience. It also ensures each member of your cleaning staff adheres to the same high standard.

Sweat the small stuff

What do you expect when you stay at a luxury hotel or resort? Take a moment to make a list. Now, how can you make it so that your rooms match—or even better, exceed—those expectations? It can be something simple, like high-quality toilet paper. Or something as impressive as remote-controlled drapes. Accent Amenities understands that each little touch shows your commitment to your guests. That’s why we hand-curate our collections and only offer the highest quality personal care items.

Learn from past complaints

While a negative review never feels great, often they provide valuable insight into how you can improve. If you get complaints about ambient noise, consider offering guests noise-canceling headphones or improve your rooms’ sound-proofing. If you’re getting frequent complaints about cleanliness, it’s time to have a conversation with your staff and make changes to your protocol.

What other strategies do you use to ensure you’re guest-ready? How do you make sure each guest experience is memorable for all the right reasons?