Executive Hotel Guests Love Our Makeup Remover Wipes

Executive hotel guests can be some of the most profitable for any large hotel. They typically fill up harder-to-book mid-week stays. And they often purchase premium services such as room service, dry cleaning and wi-fi if not included with the room. This makes executive guests a very welcome check-in. It is important that hotels keep their executive guests happy, because they are some of their best paying return customers.

We know that every hotel guest loves a great makeup remover wipe. We also know that no one loves them more than a busy executive hotel guest.

In between meetings, packed conference schedules and client dinners, the executive hotel guest doesn’t have much time for skincare and cleanup. There are deals to be made and customers to keep happy. With hotel makeup remover wipes, life on the road gets so much easier.

The individually packaged makeup remover wipe is a bathroom amenity must for your executive hotel guests. Keep them well stocked and your executive stays will feel understood and well cared for.

Here’s why executive guests love our makeup remover wipes

Makeup remover wipes are quick.

Just rip open the individually wrapped package and pull out the makeup remover wipe. Gently wipe your face and neck for an easy cleanse and refresh!

Makeup remover wipes are convenient.

The small package is the perfect size for any executive guest. Just pop one into a purse, computer bag or jacket pocket for a quick refresh after a stressful meeting and before the company cocktail party.

Makeup remover wipes are effective.

Executive guests hate to waste time, so they will appreciate that our makeup remover wipes get the job done in just seconds. They are an effective way to rid the face of heavy makeup, sweat and dirt. And they are gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skins.

Give your executive hotel guests an amenity they will appreciate and remember you for. Our high-quality Spa Scents makeup remover wipes are the best hotel amenity purchase you’ll make. And they will help keep your executive guests choosing your hotel for every business trip.

What’s better? Our popular Spa Scents makeup remover wipes are available with free shipping! They are always in stock and you’ll love our easy online ordering system and attentive customer care. If you need a large shipment, you’ll save even more with our wholesale pricing.

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