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Do You Offer Guest Slippers in Your Rental Amenities?

Do You Offer Guest Slippers in Your Rental Amenities?

Published by Accent Amenities on 7th Jan 2020

Consider this scenario: You have a rental in the Midwest that has beautiful wood floors. You have oriental runners that help with padding and decor, but in the winter, those floors are freezing! Guests have just booked a weekend that may be the coldest one on record. Know what you need to make the experience the best it can be? Guest slippers.

Offering Guest Slippers

The scenario above is more common than you think. From Reddit threads to Airbnb forums, many hosts have wondered if they should offer guest slippers in their rentals. The responses are always overwhelmingly ‘yes’. In fact, in some places, it’s expected. Many hosts have noticed guests from Europe and Asia asking about slippers or writing in the customer reviews that slippers would have been a nice touch. Other hosts say they offer flip flops, fluffy socks, anti-slip home shoes like clogs, or disposable slippers to great success.

Taking your shoes off and changing into house slippers is a cultural norm in many places around the world and it’s becoming more common in the United States. And it makes sense. Shoes can track mud onto expensive rugs and heels can damage hardwood floors. But walking around a home barefoot in the winter, especially one in the Midwest that has hardwood floors, makes for cold feet. Comfortable slip-on protection for feet is the answer. Offering indoor slippers for your guests is an accessory amenity that can make all the difference for more scenarios than just cold floors. Consider the amenities of the top hotels. You can bet that guests expect small luxuries like bathrobes and spa slippers to wear to the pool.

Accent Amenities | Guest Slippers

Accent Amenities offers both open-toe and closed-toe terry cloth slippers, both in waffle print and smooth, in packs of 10. One size generally fits all, and they come individually wrapped. Plus, we have some of the best prices in the industry for disposable guest slippers. Discover what we offer for guest slippers. You’re on your way to five-star reviews across the board. Hotel slippers are just the first step.