How To Take Great Photos Of Your Vacation Rental Bathroom

How To Take Great Photos Of Your Vacation Rental Bathroom

Published by Accent Amenities on 7th Jan 2020

More travelers are finding and booking their lodging online than ever before. Every vacation rental owner knows that their online listing is the most important point of sale. What they might not know, however, is how to take photos that will successfully sell their property to prospective guests. While views, bedrooms and kitchens are all important images to display, it is the bathroom that can really seal the deal.

Here are some tips for taking great photos of your vacation rental bathroom:

Clean the clutter.

Before you get started, give your bathroom a thorough de-clutter. Knick-knacks and wall hangings might look cute, but you don’t want to turn off would-be renters with too much clutter. The bathroom should look crisp and clean, not cluttered and confused.

Make sure it sparkles.

Once the clutter is gone, it’s time to deep clean. It’s important to get rid of all spots and streaks on glass and mirrors. Also, make sure the vanity, toilet, tub and shower door shine.

Open the blinds and turn on all the lights.

Use natural light to your advantage. It’s best to photograph your vacation rental bathroom on a sunny day. Open the blinds and curtains and turn all of the lights on before you start photographing the space.

Add a pop of color.

While most travelers appreciate a very clean, neutral color palette in the bathroom, a little pop of color will help your bathroom photos stand out online. Think about adding a blooming orchid or small green plant to the counter space. You can achieve a similar effect by adding a brightly colored towel to the towel rack.

Don’t oversell.

It’s important to remember that you’re not a real estate agent. You’re not trying to sell a house. You’re trying to attract vacation-goers. For that reason, don’t oversell or make the bathroom look like something it isn’t. You’ll lose in the end with disappointed guests.

Details matter.

Before you start shooting your camera, be sure to review some of the most important details. Put the toilet seat down. Refill the toilet paper with a fresh roll. Hang clean, neatly folded towels. Place 4-5 full bottles of spa-quality toiletries on the vanity.

When in doubt, hire a professional.

These photos are a very important part of your marketing efforts. If you’re not confident with your own photography skills, it might be time to call a professional for 25-30 photos taken throughout your vacation rental. The photos will quickly pay for themselves in bookings. And you’ll be able to use them in several different places including your online listings, your website and your social media.

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