Makeup Remover Wipes Remove More Than Just Makeup

Makeup Remover Wipes Remove More Than Just Makeup

Posted by Accent Amenities on 12th Jun 2018

There are many reasons to include Makeup Remover Wipes from Accent Amenities in your hotel amenity collection:

Makeup remover wipes are an inexpensive investment.

Makeup remover wipes will save you money on soiled towels and linens.

Accent Amenities offers free shipping on makeup remover wipe orders.

Our makeup remover wipes are always in stock.

Accent Amenities offers volume discounts on our high-quality makeup remover wipes.

Makeup remover wipes are individually packaged for convenience.

Makeup remover wipes are loved by guests.

But what you might not know is, makeup remover wipes remove more than just makeup!

In the summer months especially, makeup remover wipes are a traveler’s best friend. The high-quality spa formula is gentle, yet effective at removing sand, sweat and sunscreen from both the face and body. Our individually packaged makeup remover wipe is the perfect way to freshen-up summer skin. Your guests will love the refreshing wipes after a long day at the beach or pool. Makeup remover wipes are also a great way to clean the face after a gym workout.

When you include makeup remover wipes in your hotel amenity collection, you are giving your guests the gift of convenience. You are also solving the costly problem of replacing soiled towels and linens. It’s a win-win and your guests will remember you for the thoughtfulness. Makeup remover wipes are one of our most-requested products from hotels and hotel guests alike. Many guests love them so much during their hotel stays that they seek out a personal supply when they return home.

Give your hotel guests an amenity they will appreciate and remember you for. Our high-quality Spa Scents makeup remover wipes are the best hotel amenity purchase you’ll make.

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