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What Goes into a Hotel Toiletries Set?

What Goes into a Hotel Toiletries Set?

Published by Accent Amenities on 14th Jun 2019

A hotel toiletries set can have anything from a simple bar of soap to something more extravagant like custom-branded lip balm and bath crystals. It all depends on how good of reviews you want! Here at Accent Amenities, we provide you with all the best products to make the best hotel toiletries set for your guests. You can give your guests individual shampoos, choose from pre-packaged sets, or add extra amenities like lip balm and loofahs! Here are some additional amenities to consider when building your hotel’s toiletry sets.


Let’s start with the basics. In every hotel toiletries set, you must offer your guests at least a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in the shower and a bar of soap by the sink. We offer these basics in nine different collections, all made with sustainable formulations and featuring aesthetic packaging.

Lip Balm

An extra amenity you can add to your hotel toiletries set is lip balm. We offer lip balms in each of our collections that feature the same scents as the other toiletries in the collection. You can even custom label our lip balm to include the name of your own lodging!

Bath Salts/ Crystals

When bath crystals are offered in a hotel toiletries set, you know you are staying somewhere glamorous! This may seem like a trivial amenity, but bath crystals can go a long way to provide your guest with a luxurious stay. We offer bath crystals in our muse collection, bath salts in our nurture collection, mineral bath crystals in our esa collection, non-fragrance bath salts in our TRUE collection, bath crystals in our Hydro Spa collection, and sea crystals in our AMBR SPA collection.


Another amenity you don’t see on every hotel room’s bathroom sink is mouthwash. Here is another place you can set your lodging apart when it comes to hotel toiletry sets. Accent Amenities makes it easy for you to customize the toiletries you provide to your guests. We offer mouthwash in our esa collection and our AMBR SPA collection.

Accent Amenities | Hotel Amenities Set

Creating a hotel amenities set that’s unique and thoughtful to the guest’s needs goes a long way. A guest will remember when they feel like they were truly being taken care of and that means good reviews for your lodging. Plus, it’s kind of fun putting together one-of-a-kind toiletry sets!