​5 Ways To Save Money In Your Hotel Amenity Budget

​5 Ways To Save Money In Your Hotel Amenity Budget

Published by Accent Amenities on 1st Sep 2017

Looking for ways to save money in your hotel amenity budget? Accent Amenities has five money-saving tips to help you spoil your guests without breaking the bank!

Provide your guests with Makeup Wipes.

Have you ever purchased expensive, high-quality towels for your property only to find them soiled with mascara, foundation or other makeup stains? It's a problem that many hoteliers and innkeepers face and the costs associated with cleaning and replacing brand name towels can really hurt your budget. Makeup wipes offer your guests a convenient, effective way to clean their face without ruining your beautiful face towels. Place them with your other bathroom amenities. Makeup wipes add a touch of luxury and your guests will appreciate the convenience. Our Makeup Wipes are designed specifically for the hotel and lodging industry. They help remove makeup from eyes, lips, skin, even mascara. Save the towels and include Makeup Wipes in your bathroom amenity plan.

Sample toiletries before buying a large quantity.

When shopping for luxury toiletries for your property, there are so many different scents, formulations and products to choose from. It is very easy to quickly go over budget before you even have a chance to fall in love with a product. Accent Amenities offers our customers Samples and Room-Ready Kits to help you make the best decision for your hotel, inn, bed & breakfast or vacation rental. Try the Accent Box which includes a shampoo, lotion and guest soap from each of our collections, or order a Room-Ready Kit in a few collections. Sample each product yourself and also see how they display with your decor before ordering a large quantity. It's a great way to be sure you are choosing the right amenity before investing in a long-term supply.

Buy in bulk.

When you know you have a good product that both you and your guests love, you can save money by taking advantage of our wholesale pricing. We offer wholesale pricing on most of our products and you can even purchase in bulk online.

Focus on favorites.

If you have a limited budget, focus on your most popular signature amenities. We know, this can be very difficult! There are so many wonderful bathroom toiletries to offer. But if your guests know that each and every time they visit your property they will find their three favorite products, it will make their stay all the more special.

Plan ahead.

Planning ahead, especially if you own a small bed and breakfast or vacation rental, is one of the best ways to save money. Sit down with your history of guest stays from the previous year and forecast what you will need for the next six months. When you are able to plan ahead and buy larger quantities, you will enjoy great savings -- in time and money.

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