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Guest Room Amenities Every Airbnb Should Have

Guest Room Amenities Every Airbnb Should Have

Published by Accent Amenities on 7th Jan 2020

Airbnbs have their benefits over hotels when going on vacation. Guests like the fact they can feel like a local by staying in an apartment, room, or house that may be in an area they wouldn't have otherwise visited. Airbnbs are also more private, as there is no lobby to wait in or elevator to ride with other guests. Airbnbs also often provide amenities that make a stay feel like home. These are the guest room amenities every Airbnb should offer.

Good Coffee

One of the best guest room amenities is good coffee. By providing quality morning beverages, like good coffee and tea, you are bound to make guests happy. There’s no better way to start the day than brewing a strong cup of coffee, just like at home but you’re on vacation!

Spices and Condiments

Another benefit of Airbnbs is access to a kitchen. When guest room amenities include spices and condiments, enough to make a quality meal, you know it’s a good one! It’s such a relief to guests, especially if they have a long stay, to be able to cook at home or buy food to put in the fridge. It helps them save money on meals, and it is another welcome feature of a home away from home!

Hygiene Products

Accent Amenities sells soaps, shampoos, and makeup remover wipes that are perfect for any Airbnb bathroom. Choose from our many collections to make your guest room amenities complete. Well-packaged soaps, shampoos, and conditioners will provide an air of luxury accommodation. It will bring the best part of staying in a hotel into an Airbnb! Add makeup removers, and you will win a great review.


One of the best things offered at Airbnbs is provided transportation. Whenever there are bikes included in an Airbnb, you know they will add to the experience. Guests appreciate an alternate mode of transportation rather than calling Ubers or taxis every time they need a ride. This is especially true in towns with no public transportation. Bikes help guests get around!

Extra Linen and Towels

Another amenity that guests look for in an Airbnb is extra linen. Too often, hosts only provide the minimum, but extra towels and sheets can come in handy for guests as an extra bonus.

Accent Amenities | Guest Room Amenities

Guest room amenities don’t need to be complicated, they only need to be thoughtful. These may seem like minimal upgrades to an Airbnb, but they are upgrades that make a difference. Little things like cayenne pepper can make a guest’s meal that much better; makeup removers rather than a wet towel can be the start of a great review. Make these little changes in your Airbnb and see when guests notice the difference.

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