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The Amenities That Matter Most To Your Hotel Guests

The Amenities That Matter Most To Your Hotel Guests

Published by Accent Amenities on 7th Jan 2020

Amenities are more important than ever to hotel guests. Your offerings should set your property apart and communicate the quality of your brand. Keep your customers feeling well cared for and they will keep coming back.

Which amenities matter the most to your hotel guests?

Plush Pillows and Duvets

When you are traveling for work or vacation, a good night’s sleep is important. Hotels that invest in high-quality bed linens earn favorable reviews from their guests, and for good reason. Plush pillows and fluffy duvets show you care and value your guests’ nightly investment in your hotel.

Luxurious Toiletries

Luxury toiletries are no longer an option. Hotel guests expect to see spa-quality shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion on the bathroom counter. The formulas, aromas and packaging you choose say a lot about your hotel brand. Be sure to choose a toiletry collection that matches your guests’ overall hotel experience. Add some extras such as makeup remover wipes, shower gel and slippers for the feeling of a true upscale hotel experience.

Soft Bath Towels

With all of the money you’ll save on soiled and ruined towels from offering makeup remover wipes, you can upgrade your bath towel collection. Large, thick towels are a welcome surprise to hotel guests. Quality towels will stand out as something they don’t get at other hotels. Guests will remember you for this added luxury.

Gourmet Coffee & Tea

Most every hotel room offers in-room coffee and tea. But not every hotel room offers a high-quality product. Put some extra dollars into offering a beverage that guests enjoy, and they will thank you with positive reviews and return visits. Some hotels partner with local coffee roasters and add a local touch to their in-room offerings. Don’t forget a high quality coffee maker and electric kettle.

Something Special

Now that you have the most important amenities covered, we recommend including a special “just because” item. A welcome amenity is incredibly special and feels like a surprise to your guest. Choose something inexpensive and easy to implement. A plate of warm cookies, a split of chilled champagne and strawberries, a baseball hat with the hotel logo, these are just a few ideas that will make your guests feel like special friends.

What are the amenities that matter most to your guests? Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to hear from you!