Discover Hydro Spa: A Scandinavian Inspired Collection

Discover Hydro Spa: A Scandinavian Inspired Collection

Published by Accent Amenities on 7th Jan 2020

You don’t have to go to Scandinavia to experience what a true therapeutic soak under a Nordic moon feels like. Our Hydro Spa collection takes you there the moment it first makes contact with your skin. Lucky for you, this aspiring collection of shampoos, body wash, and soaps just went on sale.

Soak with Hydro Spa

Have your guests explore the harmonious scents of Scandinavia when you offer them our Hydro Spa collection. These unique products combine scents inspired by therapeutic outdoor spas, wisps of steam, and freshly fallen snow below the Nordic moon.

Hydro Spa features travel sized hotel shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and body gels. They combine eucalyptus and notes of cooling ocean mist that soothes the senses. An exfoliating experience that revitalizes the mind, our collection also includes a 30g facial bar and 35g massage bar.

Your guests should feel inspiration in relaxation as if they’re experiencing an authentic Scandinavian soak — Hydro Spa products help send them there.

What’s On Sale

Accent Amenities offers collections that fit the theme of your space. We also believe in providing the right sales on exceptional products that you can afford. Right now, products from our Hydro Spa collection are currently on sale.

If you’re providing an experience for your guests that makes them feel as if they’re stumbling along the coastline of the Baltic Sea, Hydro Spa is the right product for you. With unique ocean blends that cleanse the spirit, relaxation awaits for your guests.

Our Hydro Spa collection not only enhances your guests' experience — it provides them with something completely new.

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For whichever experience you’re delivering your guests, contact Accent Amenities, and choose your options today.