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esa hand & body lotion

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The esa hand and body lotion is our most popular lotion, and for good reason! The light scent and non-greasy formula is great for all skin types. Read the reviews below and try it for yourself! View full description


Our popular esa hand and body lotion is packaged in a simple bottle, but the lotion is anything but simple! Featuring a light almond scent, this non-greasy lotion dries quickly, leaving your hands feeling terrific. A must try!

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11.00 LBS
38 ml / 1.28 fl oz
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    10 Reviews

  • Posted by Lorinda on 18th Sep 2022


    Love this brand!

    Someone else said it so well. They said I can’t believe I’m actually searching online to buy a brand of body lotion that I use in a hotel. That is exactly what I am doing right now. I was absolutely blown away with the products that were left in my Airbnb. I would love to buy full size of these items. I may actually buy a box of these just for myself.

  • Posted by Trista on 7th Jul 2022


    Love this

    I saw someone write this earlier and I feel the same way. I can’t believe I liked a body lotion from a hotel so much that I am researching it online and actually considering buying 100 mini bottles of it. I won’t though but only because of the environmental impact.

  • Posted by Connie Blakemore on 22nd Oct 2020


    Great smelling lotion and makes my skin soft.

    love the product and glad I had gotten a sample one time to try it out

  • Posted by The Inn at Elk River on 14th Aug 2019


    esa hand & body lotion

    We continue to order this product, as we have for years, due to our guests satisfaction and enjoyment of this product. The product represents a great value for the money and helps us keep our guests happy so they will return!

  • Posted by Elvie123 on 2nd Nov 2018


    Weird - can't buy a big bottle?

    I can't believe that not only was a lotion I got at a hotel room was good enough that I want to look for a full size bottle but the full sized bottle isn't even available?! Weird. Great lotion though.... just don't want to buy 100 small bottles of it. --------------------------------------- Reply from Accent Amenities: Thank you for the nice comments regarding our esa hand and body lotion. As we serve the hospitality industry, we do not, as yet, offer our products in retail sizes. If this changes, we will certainly let you know!

  • Posted by L. Fernandez on 21st Oct 2017



    Perfect size, very good

  • Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2017


    the best i have tried

    For my skin type, this is the best I have ever tried. Have neighbors using it as well.

  • Posted by scott ruyle on 3rd Jun 2016


    great lotion

    I received a bottle of this lotion while staying in a rental house in th Bahamas. It is great, I hate greasy lotion that never dries. This lotion dries quick and smells good but not to overpowering. I have since purchased 100 small bottles for myself and give it out to friends. You should really make bigger bottles and sell them retail but I am pretty set for awhile.

  • Posted by Kari on 28th Oct 2015


    ESA Lotion

    I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Texas. This was nice lotion, it wasn't greasy at all. I bought 100 small bottles for my own use. I wished you had bigger bottles.